The ID 2020 summit is an annual gathering of North American spice importers and distributors. We work together to ensure trade compliance practices that ethical sourcing, free trade, and to ensure that child labor is not used in the harvesting of spice crops.

The last summit of ID 2019 was a great success with over 100 participants from all across North America. These participants included spice wholesalers, food ingredient distributors, human rights advocate law firms,

The harvesting of spice crops is a very labour intensive effort that requires much machinery and labour. More often than not, unethical farmers switch to child labour in order to keep costs low.

At ID 2020, we strive to achieve strategic partnerships to ensure compliance with our rules and regulations.

The summit will hold its meeting at 3 Queensway Street in Toronto at the Ellis Banquet hall on December 3, 2019. The address is as follows:

30 Vice Regent Blvd, Toronto, ON M9W 7A4

You may contact us at 416-454-34343